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eMMA is a service proposition that uses the most modern and user friendly patient bedside terminal specifically designed for point of care and patient entertainment purposes. eMMA is a revolutionary solution of eMedys for hospitals around the world.

It uses a touch screen monitor based on standard platforms, meeting all clinical hygienic standards and requirements, which are placed at each patient´s bed. eMMA can be a fundamental building block for the creation, storage and presentation of all data of a particular patient. Consequently, it significantly improves communication between the doctor and the patient or patient and the hospital.

At the same time, the terminal serves the patient to communicate with their relatives or anybody within or outside the hospital via telephone or email. Thanks to the eMMA service proposition, it is possible to surf the internet, watch films, watch TV, make phone calls, listen to music or audio books, play games and educate patients.

eMMA gives hospitals a unique opportunity to significantly improve the quality of patient healthcare and increase patients’ satisfaction and comfort during their stay in a hospital.


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